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NAOSH Week: My rule of thumb

By Angela Unsworth

The struggle…it is real…

Have you ever had one of those mornings that just seemed to be challenging no matter what it is you are doing?

That’s my day today. I burned my thumb attempting to curl my hair for work this morning, a new skill I’m trying to learn. Then, when I arrived at work, I stabbed the same thumb with a tack while updating the posters on our bulletin board.

Want to know something a little funny? The poster I was putting up was for NAOSH week, which really got me thinking about work safety.

What is NAOSH week, you ask?

North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week focuses on increasing awareness among employers, workers and the public about the importance of work safety. From May 3-9, committees and volunteers across the continent coordinate activities that teach work safety.

Here at work, our health, safety and wellness advisory committee held a poster contest for younger relatives of employees. The committee encouraged participants between the ages of 5-17 to create a poster that shows what they do to stay safe. It’s a great way to get people thinking about safety, no matter where they are. It served me well today; after I stabbed my thumb and looked at the poster, I took some time to think about my actions and slowed down a bit to make sure I was less likely to hurt myself.

I turned my day around!

Did you get to participate in any NAOSH activities this week? What were they? Comment here or tweet us @headsupab to let us know!

Also, don’t forget you can still participate in our #WhatWouldYouMiss contest!

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