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Safety and the movies…Pitch Perfect 2

By Calissa Reid

Let’s get a little bit pitchy, shall we?

This past month, Pitch Perfect 2 hit theatres and I was anxiously waiting in line on opening night to catch up with my favourite fictional a capella group, the Barden Bellas.  The sequel skips ahead three years and the Bellas are now seniors and three-time national champions.  While performing for President Obama, Fat Amy has a slight mishap which leads to the Bellas receiving a suspension from performing in a capella showcases and competitions (gasp!). The only way the Bellas can perform again is if they go head-to-head with the German a cappella champions, Das Sound Machine, and win the A Capella World Tournament.

Those are all the spoilers I’m willing to give; you’ll have to go see the flick to find out how our sweet songstresses fare. Surprisingly, a capella singing has some safety risks and, no, I’m not talking about nodes.


Chloe, a vocal cord nodule survivor. So brave.

Let’s take a look at the film to see what safety lessons we can learn

1. Fall protection can save lives, and a capella performances


Remember Fat Amy’s slight mishap I was talking about earlier? I may have downplayed the size of her mistake. While descending from the ceiling on a fabric swing and singing Wrecking Ball, Fat Amy loses her balance and is suddenly hanging upside down and all eyes are on her. For those who haven’t seen the movie, I won’t expose (see what I did there?) all the details of her blunder to you, but let’s just say that the Bellas’ scandalous performance makes national news.

If you’re ever working from heights, you need to wear fall protection to keep you safe, just in case you lose your balance like Fat Amy did.  Fat Amy’s fall was bad, especially for those watching, but if she didn’t catch herself, it could have been much, much worse

2. Wear your newbie badge proud

In the clip above, freshman Emily is going to the Bellas’ house to audition to join the a capella crew. At first, Fat Amy sends her away, but Cynthia welcomes her into the house. Later on in the movie, Emily is an official Bella (as Fat Amy points out, “You’re one of us; you paid the registration fee), but she’s still the newbie amongst a group of seniors.  Luckily, the girls are very welcoming, and towards the end of the movie Emily is no longer stuck in her mom’s shadow, and she’s created her own legacy.

Many of us are familiar with being the new kid on a job and, as you know, 50 per cent of all young worker injuries happen on the first six months of the job, so that time you spend as the new kid is especially important.  When you start a new job, wear your newbie badge proud.  There’s nothing wrong with asking questions and speaking up.

At my second job, which I started just a couple months ago, I always tell people I’m new and try to ask lots of questions so that I can get all of the information I need to do my job properly. I find most people appreciate my honesty, and would rather see me get some help than try and do it on my own.

3. Save the pillow fights for slumber parties


Aw… how sweet, the Bellas are having a PJ pillow fight. I’m all for sentimental moments with your friends, but goofing off while at work can have some serious consequences. The Bellas are doing it right—they are at home, using soft objects and wearing adorable pyjamas to boot. Who wouldn’t want to join them in this fun scene?

It’s great to goof around with friends and let off some steam—I love doing that. But keep in mind your environment and how you’re playing around so that you can have fun, but stay safe, too.

Aca-believe it! We’re at the end of the blog post! (I tried so hard to work an a capella joke into the post.)  Make sure to go watch Pitch Perfect 2 and appreciate the glory of a cappella, and learn some safety lessons, too!

Do you have any suggestions for Safety and the movies? Feel free to leave them in the comments, or let us know through Twitter or Facebook!

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