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Safety at the fair

By Caitlin Kehoe

Ahhh, expo season. I can picture it now: the smell of mini donuts in the air, winning prizes, spending most of your day standing in line …

Well, the prizes and mini donuts are good, anyway!

The Calgary Stampede, the city’s event of the year, kicks off today. Later this month, Edmonton’s K-Days will follow suit.

I have heard many awesome things about the Stampede (I haven’t had the chance to go yet), and I typically go to K-Days to take in some musical talent (I highly suggest you check out July Talk — they are incredible live and play both expos this year).

July Talk plays the Calgary Stampede on July 10 and at K-Days on July 20. Image credit:

July Talk plays the Calgary Stampede on July 10 and at K-Days on July 20.
Image credit:

For many Albertans (myself included), large expos are the backdrop for many of the summer’s most memorable moments. For others, a summer job at an expo is an exciting way to make some cash during the warmer months.

But despite the fun atmosphere, events like the Stampede and K-Days pose unique safety risks. Whether you are working at an expo or visiting one, be aware of what the risks are and how to avoid them, so you can stay safe and enjoy your time on the midway with peace of mind.

  • Don’t lose your cool: Extreme heat can be just as dangerous as extreme cold, so it’s important to be prepared. Pay attention to weather forecasts and dress accordingly. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you plan to spend long periods of time outdoors, and drink plenty of water.
  • Know when to take cover: We know how quickly our weather can take a turn for the worse. Watch the sky and, if you see lightning or hear thunder, head indoors until it passes.
  • Keep your wits about you: The Calgary Police Service advises against carrying large amounts of cash, and recommends keeping valuables in a secure place on your person instead of in a backpack or purse. They also ask that you be wary of large crowds, which can easily become dangerous, particularly for smaller individuals and children.
  • The most important suggestion of all: Have fun! Be prepared and be safe so that you can relax, play, eat, and create some memories!

What’s your favourite event of the summer and how do you stay safe while you enjoy it? Comment with your answer or tweet us at @HeadsUpAB!

The Calgary Stampede  Image credit:

The Calgary Stampede
Image credit:

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