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Safety and the movies … Jurassic World

By Lauren Smith

Dinosaurs. Chris Pratt. More dinosaurs!

What more could you ask for in a summer film?!

When news broke of Jurassic World, I was among many who could barely contain their excitement.

I’ve been a fan of the franchise ever since Jurassic Park hit the theatres in 1993. Although not all the films are critically acclaimed, the nostalgia high I get from hearing the film’s signature score gets me with each addition to the franchise.

So, without hesitation, I forked over the near $20 it cost to see Jurassic World (in 3D) on a Saturday night. (And I’d do it again!)

For a movie about escaped dinosaurs, it’s no surprise that there were a few safety blunders in the film. So, in true safety and the movies fashion, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. PPE is no laughing matter



Not many audiences missed the fact that Bryce Howard Dallas was wearing high heels throughout the ENTIRE film! I don’t think you need to be female to understand how incredibly difficult (and pretty much impossible) it would be to navigate the terrain of the Jurassic jungle in even the kitten-est of heels.

To poke fun at the absurdity of this costume choice, Chris Pratt attempted the same stunt on The Late Late Show with James Corden. As expected, hilarity ensued.

I’m sure you already know where I’m going with this. On the job, having the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is no joke. PPE is required for a job to keep you safe from any potential risks or hazards (hopefully dinosaurs aren’t one of those).

2. Listen to the experts or face impending death



Experts are experts for a reason. They have the knowledge and background to make sound decisions based on available information. When on any job site, it’s important to listen to the advice and guidelines of your safety manager, coordinator, or whoever is in charge of safety—they know what they’re talking about.

Multiple times in the film, characters ignore the advice of Velociraptor expert and trainer Owen (Chris Pratt). He has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of dinosaur behaviours and without fail, predicts how a dinosaur would behave or react to a situation.

What happened when the film’s characters ignored Owen’s expert advice? PEOPLE DIED.

3. Never go MIA



The boys thought it was super cool to sneak away from their chaperon and wander the park alone. And it seemed like a fun idea, until a dinosaur escaped. They were blissfully unaware of the looming danger and no one knew where they were because they took off without letting anyone know. Not such a fun idea anymore, is it?

If ever your job takes you off site, it’s vital to let your employer know where you’ll be and how he/she can reach you in case of a containment anomaly or other emergency.

What did you think of the latest installment in the Jurassic Park franchise? Comment below or tweet us @HeadsUpAB!

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