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Safety in the News

By Angela Unsworth

July has been an active month in the news world.  From new farm regulations to hover crafts on the move to spread awareness of work safety, check out this month’s Safety in the News features.

Working through fire and water

Forest fires and floods have caused havoc at outdoor worksites. The hot temperatures have dried forest materials and lightning storms have sparked fires in forests all over Western Canada. These storms have made working outdoors unsafe and have even caused flight delays and cancellations at the Calgary International Airport.

Hovering for work safety awareness

An Alberta man is moving across the province on a hovercraft to increase awareness about worker safety for the Threads of Life charity. His goal is to go across Canada once the logistics of the Alberta tour get worked out.

The hovercraft in action. Image credit:

The hovercraft in action.
Image credit:

Computer assisted work safety

Radio frequency identification (RFID) chips have been placed into hard hats and safety vests at Edmonton Transportation Services, to ensure workers’ safety on site. The chip identifies when a worker is close to a machine and alerts the machine to the worker’s presence. A warning signal goes off and LED strips light up to alert the individual that he/she may be near an operating machine. This gives the worker the opportunity to get away from the machine and move to a safer location.

Farmers to get occupational health and safety legislation

A new government in Alberta has created opportunity for new regulations. Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier is focused on ensuring farm workers have the same regulations that are in place for other workers in Alberta.

Concern over physical threats at work

After a non-work-related fatal shooting in Burnaby, the City of Vancouver increased its security in the workplace to ensure worker safety. The steps taken by the City have raised questions about how safe employees feel in the workplace and what kinds of emergency plans are in place.

What emergency plans does your employer have set up for your safety? Leave us a comment or tweet us @HeadsUpAB!

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