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The job ate my homework: finding balance with work and school.

By Angela Unsworth

Posts about going back to school are everywhere on social media right now. They’re reminding me of how I felt when I went back to school. For me, there was excitement about the interesting things I’d learn and the people I’d meet, mixed with stress around balancing life while studying, submitting assignments on time and working part-time. We posted about going back to school in 2012, but these current social media posts have reminded me about the importance of a healthy balance to make sure you stay safe at work. I wanted to share my own life lessons for back to school and work safety with you.

Here are a few of the lessons I learned that will help you survive the back to school transition and stay safe at work:

  • Getting a regular sleep schedule.
  • Eating properly.
  • Slowing down when commuting.

Let’s delve into these more.

  • Getting a regular sleep schedule.
Image credit: Google images.

Image credit: Google images.

We all need sleep, even this poor cat who likely already slept 12 hours today.  It can be hard to find time to sleep in between school deadlines and a part-time job or two.

A lack of sleep can cause problems both at work and at school. Accidents can happen any day, but if you’re tired, the chances increase.  You might find that you are falling asleep behind the wheel, experiencing a decrease your alertness at work, or forget to put on an important item of your personal protective equipment (PPE) gear.

Plus, you probably aren’t doing your best work mentally. Trying to write an essay when you’re sleep deprived can be a nightmare.  Sleep can help you mentally, emotionally and physically. Make sure you get enough!

If you’re struggling, check out this article that has great information about the dangers you may face with a lack of sleep and how you can maintain a regular sleep schedule.

  • Eating properly.
Kick junk food to the curb!

Image credit: Google images.

Kick junk food to the curb!

It can be hard to prepare and eat healthy meals when you’re strapped for time. We live in a society that makes it very convenient and easy to grab junk food on the run. Rather than make life easier though, it actually makes it more difficult. Why make your life harder? There are many benefits to eating healthy food that make the extra preparation effort worth it.

Eating healthy food can:

  • Improve your brain function.
  • Increase your productivity (so you can maximize your awake hours).
  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve your mood.

All of the above can be beneficial to you at work, at school…everywhere!

Some schools have nutritionists and dieticians that can help you plan a healthier lifestyle. Visit your school’s health office to see what they offer, or check out the Canadian food guide for more information.

  • Slowing down when commuting.Image credit: Google images.

No need for speed. When I was in school, I’d push the speed limit rushing to school, then again driving to work. At the end of that long day, I’d boogie home to get food and get to bed. When you speed, you’re not just taking your own life in your hands; speeding endangers everyone on the road.

Getting everywhere on time can be a struggle, but I’ve realized speeding doesn’t actually get you anywhere that much faster. It’s more important to drive safely and take the few extra minutes to make sure you get to your destination.

These are just a few pointers that can help you stay safe at school and work. There are plenty more.  What do you do to make sure you have balance? Comment or tweet us @HeadsUpAB.

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