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How to avoid FOMO

By Lauren Smith



Picture this: It’s a beautiful fall day and you’re stuck indoors.

To stave off boredom and pass the time, you scroll through your go-to social media sites. Your screen fills with updates and photos of your friends out enjoying the day: strolls around the park, trips to the market, drinks on a patio—all the fun activities you wish you were out enjoying with them.

That feeling you’re experiencing, that’s called FOMO.

FO·MO, short for fear of missing out

ˈfōmō/ noun, informal

“anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere”.

Sounds like something to avoid, right?

Well, you’re in luck—I’m here to help you bypass this awful feeling.

Let’s go back to a part of the story I left out: Why are you stuck indoors?

You were injured on the job. A workplace injury can mean time off work and time off from your life.

Less FOMO, more YOLO

We don’t want a work injury getting in the way of you doing the things you love.

That’s why we’re always talking about the importance of being safe at work:

  • Speaking up if something doesn’t look safe.
  • Asking for help if you’re unsure how to do something safely.
  • Making sure you’re trained on safety protocols and procedures, and following them.
    (If you haven’t been trained, ask your boss about training—he/she wants you to be safe, too!)

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do happen despite every safety precaution. But the more we focus on working smartly and safely, the better our chance of reducing the occurrence and severity of work accidents.

Help your co-workers avoid FOMO (with free posters!)

We want to help you share the message at your work. We’ve turned some of our new ads into posters (below) that you can put up in your workplace to promote one of the most important reasons to stay safe at work—so you don’t miss out. And the best part: they’re free! That’s right—we’ll send the posters directly to you at no cost.

So what are ya waiting for? Head over to



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