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It came in like a wrecking ball.

A tale of how a cold took me out.

By Angela Unsworth

Okay, so I’m a bit dramatic. A cold didn’t actually take me out, but it sure felt like it somedays. My nose was runny, my eyes were runny and my face was runny. It was pretty gross. I was exhausted and trying to be professional in meetings with a handful of Kleenexes up my sleeve. It wasn’t a glamorous time.

Me and my nose for trouble…

I have a tendency to get two bad colds every year—one at the start of winter and one at the start of summer. I think a cold should be limited to just being in the winter. It’s much easier to stay inside and wrap up in blankets with a runny nose and Kleenex when the temperature outside is -30, than it is when it’s +30. However, as a sign I saw recently said, “the flu is a virus, not a season.” Flus and colds don’t discriminate based on the weather outside. Somewhat luckily for me, I didn’t have the flu, just a cold. A cold that lasted for a month. In fact, I still have it. I’m stuck with a never-ending runny/stuffed up nose.

Ill effects…

Moving on from my nose woes, let’s talk about how all of this applies to worker safety:

  • If you’re sick and you go in to work, you potentially get others sick.
  • If you’re sick at work, you may be tired, less aware, less alert and more prone to accidents.
  • Cold medication can really put you in a fog, which can be dangerous if you’re operating machinery.
  • When everyone has caught whatever bug is going around, more people stay home sick. Everyone else ends up having to cover for the shortage—this increases stress and the possibility of accidents.

What can you do? Stop the spread!

If you experiencing the following…

Image credit: Google images.

…follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands—germs can go from your hands to your mouth and eyes. NO! Don’t let that happen!
Image credit: Google images

Image credit: Google images

  • Avoid touching your face—this can be especially tough if you have a runny nose. Make sure you keep Kleenex within reach.
  • Cover your cough! These two know what’s up:
Image credit: Google images.

Image credit: Google images.

  • Stay home if you’re not well. Take care of yourself! Stay safe and help everyone else stay safe by stopping the spread of illness.

Work Smart. Work Safe.


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