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Walking for wellness (and safety!)

By Lauren Smith

I’m a big advocate for wellness. In addition to the health benefits and elevating my mood, being well is important for staying safe at work, as I’ve discussed before in the blog.

My most recent wellness pursuit has been taking advantage of the mild winter weather we’ve been blessed with so far this season by getting outside and doing lots of walking around our beautiful city.


While out for an evening stroll I snapped this shot of our beautiful Legislature grounds lit up for the holiday season.




I’ve spent most of my time walking around the city streets, but this past weekend I decided to go for a stroll in the Edmonton river valley. Being the safety-minded person I am, I took a few precautions beforehand to ensure I would be safe for my trek into the woods:

  • Phoned a friend. Since I was taking a solo stroll in the river valley, I wanted to make sure someone knew where I was just in case anything happened.
  • Brought a little whistle. I always have a whistle attached to my keychain. Since the river valley is fairly isolated, I knew the whistle could come in handy if I got stuck somewhere or needed to draw attention to myself.
  • Strapped on proper footwear. I knew it was important to ensure my tootsies stayed warm and I made sure my boots had good traction to avoid any slips or falls on the snowy trails.
  • Bundled up in layers. It was chilly outside, so I wanted to make sure I stayed insulated during my walk. But once I got moving, I started to warm up. I was glad I dressed in layers, which allowed me to adjust my clothing to avoid overheating.

For more tips on staying safe during winter walks, check out Calissa’s post from a few weeks ago about how to walk safely when trekking through the snow.

If you’re working outside this season, there are some other safety tips that Angela previously covered on our blog—she even outlines how to effectively layer to keep you warm and safe during your work day.


I left my phone behind for my peaceful stroll through the river valley, but I found this beautiful shot to give you an idea of the lovely sites I saw on my trek. Image source:

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