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Safety in the news: flashback Friday edition.

Christmas vacation is over and it’s a new year! I don’t know about you, but 2016 is shaping up to be a busy one for me already. I took a break to peek through the newspaper to see what happened at the end of 2015 and found some safety stories to share with you.

Ammonia leak caused tragedy. An ammonia leak caused the death of a worker at a southern Alberta nitrogen plant. Another worker was exposed but was released from hospital shortly after the incident.

Fatal roof accident. A Calgary worker was killed after falling from a roof. The roofing company was contracted to do work and medical workers who arrived at the scene were unable to report if there was any medical condition that caused the fall, or if the worker had the proper safety equipment.

It was a very bumpy ride. The turbulence on an Air Canada flight was so bad that 21 people were sent to the hospital after it landed. This article reminds passengers to make sure they wear their seatbelts and this safety message can be extended to flight staff as well during turbulence. Fortunately, none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Flight attendant assaulted on plane. Air Canada experienced a rough time in December, first with the injury-inducing turbulence, and then the airline had a flight attendant assaulted by a passenger. According to the article, the passenger bit the finger of a flight attendant and used abusive language during the incident.   

Manitoba’s Workers Compensation Board recognizes PTSD. Beginning this year, Manitoba’s Workers Compensation board will be passing new legislation to recognize the effects of traumatic events on workers.

Do you have a safety story to share? Leave a comment or tweet us @HeadsUpAB!

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