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Safety and the movies…Big Hero 6

By Melissa Babcock

I first saw Big Hero 6 in theatres when I took my daughter to a matinée, and I think I may have enjoyed it more than she did. After all, who doesn’t love an adorable, huggable hero who can take out the bad guys with a single punch while also giving you a Band-Aid and a comforting head pat?

There, there.

There, there.

I know it’s geared towards kids, but this movie really has everything. It’s sweet and touching with laugh-out-loud dialogue (no, this is not a paid endorsement, I just really love this movie). And no superhero movie would be complete without thrilling action scenes, which this flick has in spades. But with action scenes comes (drumroll) situations that make a safety-conscious person cringe. Here are a few that I noticed:

Fly, my pretty

When Hiro creates battle-worthy armor for Baymax, he includes jet-propelled wings so his health care companion can fly. Hiro also adds magnetic steps to the back of the suit so he can ride along, which is handy and probably tons of fun, but not terribly safe. As we later saw, if Baymax turns or flips the wrong way, Hiro tumbles right off his back. Some fall protection could have prevented this—maybe a built-in harness? It wouldn’t have looked as cool but it sure would have been much safer.


To infinity, and be – oh wait, wrong movie.

Be prepared

At the beginning of the film, Hiro is aimless and fills his days going to illegal bot fights, suckering other fighters out of their money with his seemingly weak robot. Obviously, participating in any illegal activity is dangerous in itself, but Hiro puts himself in particular danger because he is not prepared for the reality of what he is doing—he figures he can show up, pull his con and walk away. But it doesn’t work out that way, and if not for his brother Tadashi showing up at just the right time, Hiro might have been seriously hurt. This lesson can also be applied to the worksite. You can’t just dive into a job if you don’t know the ins and outs of what you’re doing, and how to do it safely. If you aren’t properly prepared, you’re putting yourself at risk.

I wouldn't try to con this guy, but that's just me.

I wouldn’t try to con this guy, but that’s just me.

It takes a village

A lot of dangerous jobs can’t be done alone. Whether you’re building a house, digging a trench or trying to save the world from a super villain, it helps to be part of a strong, cohesive team. Hiro learns this after he leaves his team stranded, quickly realizing that he needs their help if he’s going to avenge his brother. What follows is a climactic final battle in which the Big Hero 6 finally work together to take down the microbots and defeat Yokai once and for all—a job that would have been a lot more difficult to do alone.



You wouldn’t think an animated superhero movie would be so applicable to workplace safety, but as I quickly learned after joining the Heads Up team, lessons about safety can be found almost anywhere.

Until next time…


Baymax fist bump.

What can your favourite movies teach us about safety? Let us know by leaving a comment of tweeting @HeadsUpAB and maybe we’ll feature it in an upcoming blog!

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