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Making Easter easier (and safer) for the Easter Bunny and you

By Lauren Smith

Next to Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny is probably the only other stranger we’re OK with breaking into our homes. After all, he does leave behind chocolate and candy.

But is your home Easter-Bunny ready? Read on for some tips to prepare your home for our furry friend so you can have a safe Easter weekend.

Not always a hop in the park

Although rabbits are good at hopping, don’t make navigating your home a challenge for the Easter Bunny. Your home is one of his (or her?) work environments. Just as you wouldn’t leave tripping hazards laying around at work, it’s important to remove them from your home for our furry friend’s visit. Keep an eye out for things like loose cords, clutter and wrinkled carpeting.

Bunny boo-boo’s

In case our furry friend does trip and fall while navigating the dark hallways of your home, it’s important to not only have a First Aid kit on hand, but to know where it’s located for easy access. It’s always a good idea to be prepared to respond to any minor mishaps, just like you would on the job.

Hunting for safety

Eggs hunts are always a blast, no matter your age, but there are some essential safety considerations that come along with this egg-citing activity.

Firstly, be careful not to hide your eggs in hard-to-reach locations that could tempt your hunters to climb on unstable surfaces. Secondly, don’t forget to keep a lookout for objects that could fall from high places while your hunters are busy searching for eggs. Just like you would at work, it’s important to take safety into consideration when placing items on higher surfaces.

Bonus safety tip!

Although chocolate is tasty to humans, it can be toxic to your pets. If you have your own furry friends roaming around your home, avoid an unexpected trip to the vet by being careful not to hide any Easter treats that they could steal.

Till next time, wishing you an egg-cellent (and safe) Easter weekend from the Heads Up team!

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