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Archive for April 2016

Safety in the movies TV show: It’s Always Sunny Safe in Philadelphia

April 22, 2016

By Lauren Smith   Well, not quite always … or ever …   Called the Seinfeld of our generation, the rag-tag team of misfits on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia definitely aren’t a prime example of how to do things safely. Or ethically. Or logically. Actually, they’re not really a good example of how to […]

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State of the art workplace safety.

April 15, 2016

By Angela Unsworth Did you know that today, April 15, is World Art Day and also the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci? On the off chance that you don’t know who he is, he is most-widely known as the creator of the Mona Lisa among other various paintings and sculptures. He was born in 1452 […]

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Safety in the news – springtime edition

April 8, 2016

By Melissa Babcock If ever a season brings about a motley of feelings, it’s usually spring. While most people are thrilled that winter is behind us and are happy to put away the snow boots and heavy coats, others bemoan the dirty puddles and slush that come with warmer temperatures, not to mention the havoc […]

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