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Safety in the movies TV show: It’s Always Sunny Safe in Philadelphia

By Lauren Smith


Well, not quite always … or ever …



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Called the Seinfeld of our generation, the rag-tag team of misfits on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia definitely aren’t a prime example of how to do things safely. Or ethically. Or logically. Actually, they’re not really a good example of how to do anything.

But, their absurd antics are why we all love to tune in to see what hilarity will ensue in each episode.

I recently watched the episode The Gang Spies Like U.S. (from season 10, episode 5), where a new fish factory opens across the street from the gang’s bar, Paddy’s Pub. The factory is (unsurprisingly) rather smelly. So, in their typical paranoid manner, the gang becomes suspicious of the factory as it must be a cover for a hidden agenda. One of the gang’s main characters, Dee, starts working at the new fish factory in an attempt to infiltrate the factory and find out what they’re really up to.

In true It’s Always Sunny fashion, Dee does pretty much the worst things you could possibly do while working in a factory and wreaks havoc on her new (short-lived) work environment. But, the episode does provide us with multiple examples of why safety is so important in the workplace.


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In case you missed the episode, let’s recap:

  1. No PPE isn’t pretty

Wanting to uncover the secrets behind the factory, Dee tries to flirt with the manger using her feminine wiles. She removes her hair net (part of the PPE—personal protective equipment—required in the factory) so she can toss her hair around, and ends up tossing her hair directly into one of the factory’s conveyor belts—ouch!

She has to get a huge chunk of her hair cut out of the machine (thankfully that was all that got caught) and, in the process, a ton of fish guts spill everywhere—gross!

  1. Cutting corners can be chancy

Dee didn’t want to put in the required effort to properly clean up the mess of fish guts she caused. Instead of collecting the mess into buckets using her hands—because ew, gross fish guts—she utilizes the classic lazy-sweeping technique and uses a broom to “spread around” the fish guts to clear up the mess.  But all this does is make the factory floor a slippery disaster zone. Of course, no one puts up a “slippery floor” sign to warn their co-workers of the hazard waiting to happen, which results in a forklift failing to stop and sliding straight across the floor into a shelf, knocking over buckets and buckets of fish—again, gross!

  1. Falling flat without fall protection

Many of the gang’s antics usually fall flat, but this time Dee literally does. In an attempt to spy on a meeting Frank has with the factory manager, Dee climbs a ladder to peer into the very high office window.

Now this is a triple-whammy because not only is she not wearing the proper fall protection required when climbing such a tall ladder, she doesn’t have anyone holding the ladder at the bottom AND she’s distracted by her spying mission. So it’s no surprise when the ladder shifts and Dee takes a nasty fall—ouch!

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