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Why taking the stairs while wearing heels can be a good thing

By Calissa Reid

Yesterday I crushed thirteen flights of stairs in heels—which is crazy, I know.

The building I work in had a fire drill, and I was in a meeting on the top floor of the building in a pair of my favourite pumps when the alarm went off. That’s not my kind of cardio.

Regardless of footwear choices, we had to evacuate, so down the stairs I went. And while my feet were feeling it when I got outside, I am glad that we all got out of the building safely and quickly.

We had the fire drill because my organization knows how important it is to be prepared in case of an emergency.  The company has developed an emergency response plan, which outlines what employees like myself should do in case of an emergency like a fire or medical problem, and then puts the plan to the test every year.

As employees, we need to be aware of what we’re supposed to do in case of an emergency, and there’s so many ways that we can be prepared. When you first start at your job, you may have a safety orientation that outlines emergency procedures, and you’ll probably have check-ins throughout the year and have to practice just like I did (but hopefully not in heels like me—oi!).

There’s a shared responsibility in keeping safe at work; your employer should be providing you with a safe work environment, but you can be involved too. It’s so important to speak up, ask questions, and know the risks and dangers with your job. It’s also really important to know what to do if there’s an emergency.

The reality is emergencies happen, and they happen fast. Knowing what to do when there’s an emergency will help you and your employer stay safe at work, even if it means lots of stairs in high heels. Talk to your employer about how to be prepared for emergencies at work.

There’s one last thing I want to show you—this website has some cool information on being prepared for emergencies at home (including a zombie apocalypse survival guide). Stay safe!

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