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Safety in the News

By Angela Unsworth

During the summertime, we’re caught up in many different activities that take us outside to enjoy the long awaited sunshine. For myself, I put a harness on my cat, attach a leash and take her for walks outside.


It’s true; I’m that crazy cat lady that lives down the street from you. This is my cat on one of our walks.

As I was walking the other day, I pulled out my phone to take a picture of the adorable beastie to share on Instagram and, of course, I almost missed a step on the sidewalk. There’s nothing more embarrassing than falling flat on your face because you’ve got your nose in a phone.

Now, why is this important for you to know? My point here is that sometimes the weather is so nice and we’re just so distracted in our enjoyment of it, that we might not be very aware of safety. I’m sure the last thing you’re doing is heading inside to check the news on your computer. To help keep you updated about what’s going on—so you can keep your free time to enjoy the outside and the summer sun—I collected some work safety related stories in the news for you:

Ramping up safety inspections. Throughout the rest of the summer, residential construction companies will be undergoing surprise safety visits from provincial safety inspectors. These inspections will take place until the end of September, during some of the busiest months for construction companies.

Rollover resulting in two fatalities. On Monday afternoon, two workers passed away after their construction vehicle rolled into a ditch. This happened near Beaverlodge, AB. No other vehicles or individuals were involved in the accident. Occupational Health and Safety and RCMP are continuing to investigate this incident.

And finally…there’s an app for that. A software company called eCompliance launched a new Hazard Assessment Module which is an assessment database that tracks workplace hazards across all jobs and sites. It’s been tested by the University of Alberta, which found that it improved the level of communication about potential hazardous situations.

Have you seen any safety-related stories in the news lately? Share it by leaving a comment or tweeting us @HeadsUpAB.

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